Research Mom lists bills that will have signifiant impact on your pocketbook or are systematic changes to control your freedom. 

Research Mom uses the criteria of advocating for local control and less government intrusion.  Financial decisions should be based on the reality of actual dollars and we should free up business opportunities by reducing taxes, fees, licenses, permits and regulations.  Education should be about teaching the content of knowledge and not be driven by outcome-based agenda driven decisions.  The State should not be in charge of teaching emotions, values, sexuality, or global citizens who do not cherish our nation - the U.S.A. 

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SB 6523 - Expanding higher education for certain students  (REJECT)
HB 1817 - Adding eligibility criteria for higher education financial aid  (REJECT)

Known as the "Dream Act", this bill allows children illegally brought to the U.S. to get college tuition paid for.  The Senate version of this bill bypassed all normal procedures - there were no hearings and no committee votes.  Many Democrats and Republicans voted for these bills.  Click on the link and view the "Roll Call" votes.

SB 6234 - Concerning compliance with inspections of child care facilities  (SUPPORT)
HB 2191 - Concerning compliance with inspections of child care facilities  (SUPPORT)

This bill will require the Dept of Early Learning to comply with other State, County, City regulations and not create demands on child care facilities that go against local ordinances and codes.  The Dept of Early Learning has threatened closure if the facility does not alter their premises however such alterations go against city fire codes and building code regulations.  The provider is then caught in the middle of complying with one agency and going against another set of regulations.


HB 2552 - Concerning signature gathering for initiative, referendum, recall petitions

This bill requires paid signature gathers to under training with the Secretary of State and submit photo documents to register as a signature gatherer.  Supporters of this bill believe that this will reduce fraud and want more regulations on the petition gathering process.  Those who oppose this view this as a step in the direction of limiting the constitutional right to participate in the initiative/referendum/recall process.


SB 6246 - Designating WA shoreline as a state maritime heritage area
HB 2386 - Designating WA shoreline as a state maritime heritage area

This is a step to place Washington coastal areas as part of a "Heritage are" thereby eliminating private property rights.  Areas affected will be regulated by "non profit" organizations or by community or government regulations.


HB 2148 - Concerning health plan coverage for the voluntary termination of a pregnancy

This bill is also known as the abortion mandate bill.  It forces insurance companies to make abortion coverage available.

HB 2451 - Restricting the practice of sexual orientation change efforts

This bill will have the effect of declaring as unprofessional conduct any attempts by a health care provider to seek to change a young person's sexual orientation.  The goal of this will be to stop parents from seeking help and guidance for their underage child to view sexuality issues from a conservative or Biblical perspective by penalizing the therapist.